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Competition Results – Tropical Wave Shred 2016

Last Saturday was one for the books! We held the world’s first wakesurfing competition and gathered up several pros to watch them compete over cash prizes!

The competition consisted of 4 classes: a Pro, Outlaw, Amateur, and Kids Class. All of the competitors showcased a talent and genuine passion for wakesurfing which made the Tropical Wave Shred all the more entertaining.

Listed below are the results of the Tropical Wave Shred:

Pro winners
1st – Parker Payne ($3,000)
2nd – Jake Caster ($1,500)
3rd – Hunter Sims ($500)

Outlaw winners
1st – Dylan Dye
2nd – Nick Hutchins
3rd –  Hunter Lyon

Amateur Winners
1st – Will Watson
2nd – Garret Slack
3rd – C J Lavoie

Amateur under 15 winners
Amateur (15 and under)
1st – Nick Hutchins
2nd – Liam Odriscoll
3rd – Will Watson

Best Trick Winner
Best Trick
   John Akerman

(Check out the video below to see John’s winning trick!)