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What it Takes to be a Surf Instructor

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Believe it or not, this is a lot more difficult than it looks. The water is being pumped out almost as fast as it can go which makes it quite the work out for the surf instructors to walk in. The instructors are required to do this to make sure they are capable of retrieving boards that are stuck beneath the stream of water. It is also a great way for them to get some exercise in 🙂

SVNH Superlatives

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For this post I am bringing it back to high school… except for the raging hormones and awkward hairstyles. I wanted to give readers a personal insight into what our staff is like here at SVNH, so I created a poll of superlatives for all of the employees to fill out and return to me, like a high school year book! The results were spot on:

Best Laugh: Hayley


Most Athletic: Jared


Most Laid Back: Alex L.


Friendliest: Noel


Most Likely to Change the World: Elisabeth


Most Eccentric: Ashley


Most Likely to Cheer You Up: Alex M.


Most Talented: Ed

ed flying thumb

Most Likely to Have Their Own Reality TV Show: Rob and Laurie


Class Clown: Sam E.


Well, I hope this post made readers smile and didn’t bring back too many high school memories! Post any thoughts or comments!

How Working Here has Made Me Stronger

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Between multitasking at the front desk, flying until I feel like my arms are going to fall off, explaining our facility to customers, and feeling the burn in my legs while surfing the barrel, it is safe to say I have become both mentally and physically stronger since working here.

I have been able to stretch my capacity for problem solving, prioritizing actions and decision-making skills because of working here at SVNH and I think all front desk employees here would agree with this statement. These attributes are developed when there are customers to check in, photos to process and reservations to be made… all at the same time!  Along with all these characteristics I have listed, comes teamwork. We are a team here at SVNH and this is such an important component to any company. I am thankful that I work for a company that truly values the meaning of cooperation and to have a job that implements skills that I will be able to use for the rest of my life.

This job has made me physically stronger by doing all of the activities that this place has to offer! I don’t think a lot of customers realize how much of a work out you can really achieve by flying, climbing the rock wall, and surfing or boogie boarding. I was walking up the stairs after flying recently and I noticed that my legs were very tired from being worked so hard in the tunnel! It was a good burn and I felt accomplished from doing a work out and having fun at the same time.

Surfing is a great form of cardio to get the heart rate up and I try to make use of it as often as possible. Surfing has also allowed me to feel comfortable with other sports that involve boards. For example, I went to the lake the other day and everyone was going to go wakeboarding. I haven’t tried wakeboarding in years but I managed to stay on the board and actually get a feel for turning and moving on the wake without a problem. I cannot wait to get out and try snowboarding this winter to see how much of a difference it will be since working at SVNH!

It is difficult to find a job that gives you as much as you put in! So, I am thankful that I work at a place that I feel improves my mental and physical capabilities.

My Questions are Answered

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When was the first vertical wind tunnel built? Who was the first person to fly in a wind tunnel? Why was the first wind tunnel built? These are the types of questions that I had before researching the Vertical Wind Tunnel. I figured because I work at a wind tunnel, I probably should have some more in depth knowledge of this industry. After an extensive amount of researching, I found the perfect article that I want to share.

Click here to read about the history of the vertical wind tunnel: History of the Vertical Wind Tunnel

I hope you found this article as interesting as I did! Maybe SkyVenture NH will be making the history books soon!

Stay tuned for more posts!

10 Things I Wish I Would’ve Known Before Flying and Surfing

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Before becoming an employee here at SVNH, I was a customer. I was an awkward pre-teen who was so intimidated by the thought of indoor skydiving! Fast-forward ten years; I have now been an SVNH employee for one year. Flying in the tunnel and surfing the barrel wave have become normality, and I am now working on improving my skills rather than just trying to stay on the board for a few seconds, or flying without bouncing off every wall in the tunnel. Although I have become better at the activities here, there are a few things I wish I would’ve known before I tried them:

  1. RELAX – When I first began surfing and flying I really needed to loosen up. I went stiff as soon as I entered the tunnel or hopped on the wave and this wouldn’t allow me to get a feel for the wind in the tunnel, or the board when surfing. If I had loosened up and relaxed a bit sooner, I would have been able to excel much faster.

  1. Wear a skullcap – I highly recommend any girls with long hair to purchase a skullcap or put their hair in a very tight bun or braid before getting into the tunnel. Unless you want to brush your hair out for an hour after flying, or put an entire bottle of conditioner into your hair, then take this into consideration.

  1. I wish I started younger – I received this answer from one of our tunnel instructors, Ed. He said that he wishes he had started younger so that he could be a better flyer now. It’s amazing to see all of the kids that come in for Kids Camp here. They are pretty much prodigies and I can’t imagine how good they will be 5-10 years from now.

  1. Take a chance This is an important one if you are really working on skills with flying or surfing. Without taking a chance, you will never know if you can make that transition from back fly to sit fly, or finally load yourself on the board. Don’t be afraid to take the chance!

  1. Watch the playback of your flight and purchase a DVD – It would have been so helpful if I had started doing this earlier! Without watching your playback, you don’t truly get to see what you are doing incorrectly. Your instructor may tell you to do something, such as bend your knees more, and you may think you are doing it when you really aren’t. The playback and DVD allow you to watch yourself and see what you are really doing, and it enables you to correct yourself.

  1. Remember, everyone messes up I was always so worried of messing up in the tunnel or wiping out on the wave, but then I remembered… everyone messes up – even the instructors! You learn from your mistakes, and it is important to know that.

  1. Wear a rash guard and shorts when surfing – As a girl, I learned that it is better to be safe then worry when it comes to attire for surfing.

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask instructors a question – For some reason, when I was beginning, I did not ask the instructors questions. One thing I have learned is that all the instructors here are passionate about teaching and love to help people with flying or surfing. They are incredibly knowledgeable about what they do and it can benefit anyone to ask a few questions.

  1. Smile for the camera! A picture says a thousand words! It is definitely worth it to flash a smile at the camera to capture the moment. I understand how difficult it is to take a break from focusing on flying and surfing, but it is truly worth it to know where the camera is and smile.

  1. Keep your chin up – Whether you are flying or going about your daily life, it is important to keep your chin up! (In the case of tunnel flying – literally!) If you mess up in the tunnel or while you are surfing, just keep trying your best, and I promise, it will get better!

Welcome to the Surf’s Up at SkyVenture Blog!!

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Fact: Surf’s Up at SkyVenture NH is a truly unique business. Where else can you go to experience indoor skydiving, the largest surf stream in the world, The Oasis café, a rock wall, and a Fishpipe? The answer to that question is absolutely nowhere.

Our customers know us for how unique and incredible this business is, but with this blog I want to give readers insight into more than just indoor skydiving and surfing, but the other awesome things that happen here which customers don’t get to see during their visit here.

Stay tuned for more insider news and comment any questions that you may have!