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So, What’s That Ball Thing?

“So what’s that ball thing in the corner over there?”

This question follows me here at the good ol’ SkyVenture NH. When customers walk in to SVNH, they are completely confused as to what the giant ball is over in surf side, which is totally understandable. If I were a first time customer and had never seen the FishPipe before, I wouldn’t know what the heck I was looking at. For those who don’t know, the FishPipe is a simulation of the worlds longest water slide. The instructors will put about four gallons of water inside of the ball and start spinning it on an axis, causing the customer to spin and slide inside, like a water slide. It’s definitely an experience and customers love it!

What I find amusing about the FishPipe is all the names that the first time customers come up with in substitute of its actual name. It’s kind of a running joke between all of the employees here so we created a list of all of the wrong names people call the FishPipe. Some of them are very creative and quite humorous so I wanted to share them with all my readers 🙂

  • Fish bowl

  • Hamster ball

  • That ball thing (most commonly used)

  • Hamster wheel

  • Fish pond

  • Fish ball

  • Pipe bowl

  • Surf ball

  • Half pipe

  • Fish pike

  • Fish pool

  • Fire tube (OK… what?)

  • Flash pipe

  • Pool tube

  • Fish tail

  • Fish line

  • Ball tube

  • Water loop

  • Hamster pool

  • Tumbler

  • Fish tube

  • Bubble

  • Pipe line

  • Swim tube

  • Fish thing

I look forward to hearing more creative names that customers come up with and watching the list grow! Customers, thank you for making us smile.