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It’s the Small Things

The activities offered here at Surf’s Up and SkyVenture NH speak for themselves. They are addicting, thrilling, and unique, which creates an unbelievably amazing environment. But what other details makes this facility awesome?

Here’s the “small stuff” that I think makes this place rock:

I personally love that Surf’s Up is ALWAYS warm. In the dead of winter, when I feel like a Popsicle, I am able to walk into Surf’s Up and thaw out. I literally step into paradise in the middle of New England.

The food we make in the Oasis Café is delicious. People are often put off by food from recreational facilities, but I promise you – we don’t sell nachos covered in unnaturally orange cheese, or lukewarm hotdogs that have been sitting out all day. We make our food to order with fresh and flavorful ingredients. Let me tell you this: we make the best pizza in the area – and I am a pizza connoisseur!

I can honestly say that our staff is the cherry on top. I have never worked with such an amazing group of people. We each have our own unique personalities that blend perfectly to create an amazing crew. My coworkers make it easy for me to get up and go to work, because they create an environment that is fun and easygoing. It’s truly like I am working with family. To my coworkers, if you are reading this: Thank you for being you!

I love so many things about this place. If I wrote all them down I would have a book!