Surf’s Up New Hampshire features the endless indoor surfing wave of the future!

Surf’s Up is the largest Indoor Surfing facility in North America.  A 32’ Surfstream which has become the most sought after indoor wave to ride. SurfStream is the world’s first standing wave machine offering up to seven different wave types for all skill levels to enjoy. Riders use real surfboards with fins on a thick cushion of water that creates an endless wave. Surf’s up enables all ages and experience levels to learn, practice and improve skills that are directly transferable to surfing in the ocean.

PLEASE NOTE: For customer privacy NO photographs or video is allowed of the of surf sessions at Surf’s Up.

Surf’s Up New Hampshire Indoor Surfing Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Are there any restrictions for participants?

275 pound weight limit.   Ages 5 and up

Surfing can be a strenuous physical activity and participants should be in good physical condition. Not recommended for anyone with heart, back, neck or previous injuries.  Consult our staff and your physician if you have concerns about any physical limitations you may have.

Q: What is the water temperature?

85 degrees

Q: What is the air temperature?

82 to 88 degrees out on the Island!

Q: What should I wear?

A one-piece bathing suit or board shorts and rash guard shirt are recommended.  Flowing water can dislodge and remove loose garments. If you only have a bikini, we do have rash guard shirts that you can rent or purchase to wear over your bikini top. Bikini bathing suits are not recommended. NO jewelry can be worn on the wave or any of our other attractions.

Q: What if I arrive unprepared?

We sell or rent suits, towels, and rash guards on site.

Q: Can I bring my own equipment?

NO OUTSIDE EQUIPMENT is permitted. We provide everything you need to surf including helmets, knee and elbow pads, and boards.