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An Open Letter to Our Customers

By September 12, 2015 Uncategorized 4 Comments

Dear Customers,

Lately we have been pretty busy. Summer has been crazy here at SVNH because kids were out of school, camps were in session and skydivers are always getting their tunnel time in to practice for jumping. Because it has been so busy here we unfortunately have not been able to take the time to really thank our wonderful customers.

Customers, we truly appreciate you! We appreciate the smiles that you bring to us. It brings us genuine joy when we get to watch you have the time of your life. We appreciate your strive to improve at surfing, flying or whatever the activity may be. Seeing the difference of when you started and when you finished is so rewarding; it reminds us that all of our hard work is worth it. We appreciate your efforts to include us in social media. Nowadays, it is so important for businesses to have a strong social media platform and we are incredibly thankful to our customers that have posted about us, tagged us, liked us, followed us, snapchatted, tweeted about us, and reviewed us. We owe it to you for our platform! We appreciate all of the customers that have told their families and friends about us. You have no idea how much that means to us!

We could go on and on about the gratitude we have towards our customers but the bottom line is this: We love our customers and are incredibly thankful for all the smiles, warmth and opportunities you have brought into the facility.


Surf’s Up and SkyVenture NH Staff


  • Cort Roussel says:

    You all do an awesome job of creating a relaxing, clean and FUN environment to learn, refresh and expand our personal selves… And you’re a magnet for some of the best people I care to know. It’s a 250 mile round trip to make it down & back, and so worth it, everytime.

  • Grace says:

    If I wanted to write down every reason why you guys are awesome, I’d make Tolstoy look like a cartoonist. There is a reason I come every week, and it’s because of the amazing experiences created by a team of amazing people. If anything, WE should be thanking YOU.

    Hugs and blue skies,

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