2015 Membership

$3300.00 for 5 Hours of Tunnel Time

Once you buy it, you can fly it!

Details and Restrictions:

Memberships must be purchased by the close of business on 12/31/2014 –NO EXCEPTIONS– please plan accordingly. We do close early on New Year’s eve.
One T-Shirt is included with the membership
Any time NOT flown by 12/31/15 will expire with no refunds or extensions.
Member can bring up to 11 other people to fly. They can be first timers or repeat flyers, but the member must be present and flying.
5 hours of membership time can be flown in a minimum of a half-hour block, or multiples of half-hour only. (Blocks of time less than a half-hour will be billed at the Return Flyer block rates.)
The member is responsible for bringing people to space their time –SkyVenture New Hampshire will not provide spacing.
Membership time can only be flown during regular business hours (2-10pm) Monday – Thursday, or Fridays before 6pm.
A Member may purchase ADDITIONAL memberships
A $200 fee will be added to the purchase price of the additional membership.
Each membership must be flown / used before you can purchase an additional membership
The same restrictions & rules apply to additional memberships
Any time NOT flown by 12/31/15 will expire with no refunds or extensions.
Any advanced freefly flight sessions requiring a second SVNH instructor will be charged an additional $10.00 per half hour of tunnel time for the second instructor.

Membership time will not be available on the following dates and regular block rates apply:

2/16/2015 – 2/20/2015 (February school vacation)
11/25/2015 – 11/27/2015 ( Thanksgiving)
12/23/2015 – 12/31/2015 (Christmas 2015)

If the member desires to fly on Friday (after 6pm) – Sunday, additional charges apply.

$90 additional for an hour (flown as an hour block)
$70 additional for a half hour (flown as a half hour block)

Additional time beyond the membership may be purchased at a discounted rate. This time may be flown at any time – peak or off peak. **(Except exclusion dates listed above will be charged at return flyer block rates)

$750 per hour (flown as an hour block)
$400 per half hour (flown as a half hour block)